Alexander Yoo Portfolio 2020

This is my best work from my five years in the making, 
you can jump in wherever you want,
but please start from the top.

1 Good/bad ideas

Three days (solo) First class

2 Basic skills

One week (3 peo.) Wax on, wax off

3 Complex problems

One month (3 peo.) Dark horse 

4 Material design

Two months (4 peo.) Harder, better, faster, stronger

5 User research

Two months (solo) Going viral

6 Decode brief

Three weeks (3 peo.) Foul play

7 Manufacturing

Three months (solo) House of cards

8 Business venture

Three months (1 partner) No pain, no gain

9 Business thinking

One month (solo) Second wind

10 Rapid prototyping

One month (solo) Thinking with my hands

11 Strategy of good

One month (2 peo.) My time your money

12 Looking forward

One month (4 peo.) Design for tomorrow

13 Full package

Two weeks (solo) Out of the gutter

14 Multidisciplinary design

Two months (solo) Contrasting perspectives

Thank you for watching