Alexander Yoo Multidisciplinary Concept Designer

Concept design is the first stage of innovation and a good way to look at the full spectrum of the making, execution and impact of a new product through ideation, testing and evaluation. It is a collaborative process between the customer and the maker that helps you to paint a roadmap that can be navigated with a constant flow of ideas that comes and goes as you get closer to your goals.

Multidisciplinary design is the word that describes cross-functional design, meaning that I have overlapping skills and know-how from disciplines such as; Industrial Design, Service Design and Product Design. This enables me to step out of the boundaries created by conventional approaches to problem solving and ways to address the future - bias slows down innovation.

Market innovation is one out of three innovation categories (technology, improvement, market inn.) that is widely dominated by diehard entrepreneurs that are willing to "roll the dice" and face the unknown. My mission is to help these innovators by giving them the possibility to visualize and evaluate concrete product concepts based on manufacturing, technology and user-centered research/testing.

1 Good ideas

First class (solo) Three days

2 Form/function

Basic skills (3 peo.) One week

3 Complex pr
oblem solving

Respect the dark horse (3 peo.) One month  

4 Material design

Harder, better, faster, stronger (4 peo.) Two months 

5 User research

Social media hack (solo) Two months

6 Bad briefs

... and friends (3 peo.) Three weeks  

High-end prototyping

Patience, planning and improvising (solo) Three months  

8 Bootstrap v

No pain, no gain (1 partner) Three months

9 Business thinking

With human-centered design (solo) One month  

10 Rapid prototyping

Think while doing (solo) One month

Strategy of good

Aim to overdeliver (2 peo.) One month

Design for tomorrow

Pessimists didn't build the world (4 peo.) One month  

From idea to blueprints

Blood, sweat and tears (solo) Two weeks 

14 Multidisciplinary concept design

Service design with extra sauce (solo) Two months

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