Alexander Yoo

Designer ( Industrial, Service & Interaction )


• Market research ( Cause )

• Advanced/complex problem solving

• Qualitative & quantitative user research

• Human-centered design ( Psychological impact )

• Form and function ( Semantics, branding and ergonomics )

• Manufacturing and prototyping ( Low and high-end )

• Visualization ( Sketching, 3D rendering and photography )

• Green thinking ( Circular and environmental design )

• Entrepreneurial ( Resourcefulness and business savviness )

• Digital creations ( Service and Interaction Design )

• Functionalism in mind and minimalism in crime


• Service & Interaction Design ( Intensive Course )
Umeå Institute Of Design ( 2018 - 2019)

• Industrial Design ( Bachelor´s Degree )
Högskolan i Gävle ( 2015 - 2018)

• Social Science ( High School Diploma )
Björkö Fria Gymnasium ( 2009 - 2012 )


• Swedish ( Native language )

• English ( Professional level )

I wanted to convince my tutors that a trophy stand ( bicycle stand )
for the living space had a huge market value, so I learned how to analyze
and target an audience on Instagram, which later on resulted in a trend
within the interior world and a few business opportunities for me.

Flip Book
The last year of my Bachelor's ended up bit too hostile for me to be able to do my thing, 
so I continued my studies at Umeå Institute Of Design where I learned many great things. 
I also applied for the Master's, but they kindly told me that they didn't like my presentation,
so I worked really hard to improve my visual communication skills for the rest of that year.

Report ( Swe )
I received a lot of nice compliments about my flip book but I was never given any job offers, 
so I ended up as a waiter again, writing a paper on a catering service obviously worth millions. 
I've been in interviews for roles as an UX Designer, Service Designer and Industrial Designer,
but I guess multidisciplinary design sounds like uncertainty for most, never doubt me again.

Let's agree that the pandemic was hard for all of us, 
especially for the champion's jumping ships and counting chicken nuggets while 
dreaming about chilly cheese. I was born in the 90th and blamed for all kinds of silly things,  
but I'm not lazy and I don't play computer games. Anyways, here's my killer Spotify profile!

Good ideas

This video is aimed to break down a fundamental hard and soft skill to master when aspiring to create something of value, because that is what design is all about - creating value. The tricky part is that value is a subjective thing IF you can't understand the people you're creating for. Watch a chameleon at work!

Form and function

To have an idea of something that could be of value is one thing, but to develop a product concept of value is another, that's what I demonstrate in this video. Please note that I ramp up the complexity further down the line, so you might as well jump forward if you think your ready for more hardcore stuff.

Bootstrap venture

I am really proud to give you this brief presentation of a project that is dear to me, so I really hope you're paying attention because this story illustrates my velocity.

Strong framework

Watch out for knifes ( 3 peo. ) Three weeks 

Business and kind

Superior concept design ( solo ) One month

Interaction design

Shoot for the stars ( 2 peo. ) One month

Service design

Design for tomorrow ( solo ) One month